The Land Rover Defender is an off-road, four-wheel drive automobile manufactured in Britain by Jaguar Land Rover. The vehicle was originally developed from the very first Land Rover series that made its debut all the way back in June 1948. The Defender enjoyed one of the longest production runs for any vehicle, starting from 1948 up until very recently in 2016 on January 29th. Jaguar Land Rover has announced that a new model is in production to replace the Defender going forward.

For decades the Defender was Land Rover’s staple model and as a testament to Land Rover’s reliability and durability, the Defender was used extensively in the military by many armies especially after the Defender’s caliber was showcased during the first Gulf War by the British. Even US forces decided to momentarily ditch the Humvee in some instances and utilize Defender’s instead due to the Defender’s better suitability to the desert terrain that was prevalent during the Gulf War. Many other military forces around the world have adopted the Defender such as the Australian Army, the German Army, and even the Albanian Land Force. However, the Defender gained international acclaim, when it was used by a more clandestine force, MI16, in Skyfall.

In the opening scene in Skyfall, Bond pursues Patrice after he has stolen an important hard drive containing all the names of the undercover agents under MI6 in the world. In this hot pursuit, Eve Moneypenny played by Naomi Harris, picks up Bond in a Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab and both chase Patrice while he is behind the wheel of an Audi A5 in the narrow streets of Istanbul. The Defender gets scratched, shot at, and loses both side-view mirrors in the ensuing chase which culminates in Moneypenny accidentally shooting Bond off a moving train instead of Patrice whom Bond was fighting with.

To see the Defender intact in all its post-production banged-up glory, visit the Dezer Auto Museum in Fort Lauderdale today!

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