The Jaguar XKR is a grand tourer produced by British multinational car manufacturer “Jaguar Land Rover”, the holding company bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marques. One of the “lower-profile” cars of the James Bond fleet, it was featured in Die Another Day (2002). Perhaps not as ostentatious or elegant as previous bond automobiles, or even iconic, the XKR is still memorable for being one of the most (if not the most) heavily armed vehicles of the entire James Bond franchise. Driven by Zao, the movie’s main henchman, the XKR makes its appearances in the climactic car-chase scene when Pierce Brosnan escapes the antagonists’ ice palace.

As aforementioned, the XKR’s armament is Bondesque to say the least.  It comes equipped with:

  • A Gatling gun that fired 2000 rounds per minutes, located right behind the driver and passenger seats.
  • Frontal missile launcher which contained 18 rockets to fire, right behind the grill.
  • Side missile launchers that were concealed within the door panels with up to 6 rockets.
  • Rear Mortar Launcher that is within the trunk with 9 mortars available for fire.
  • A reinforced chassis to sustain higher amounts of damage.
  • Front ramming spikes to inflict extra damage.

Safe to say one would need more than just a driver’s license, or even a license to kill, to operate this car.

In preparation for the 20th Bond film, 8 XKR’s were produced for filming purposes. As an homage to Jaguar’s very own formula 3 racing team, all of the film’s XKR’s were painted green.

Now at our newest location, the Fort Lauderdale Dezer Auto Museum, you can check out the Jaguar XKR’s full complement of weapons for yourself. And don’t worry, the weapons are thankfully not functional anymore!


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