13Sep 2017

The Land Rover Defender is an off-road, four-wheel drive automobile manufactured in Britain by Jaguar Land Rover. The vehicle was originally developed from the very first Land Rover series that made its debut all the way back in June 1948. The Defender enjoyed one of the longest production runs for any vehicle, starting from 1948 […]

04Aug 2017
007 Cars Collection

The BMW 750iL is a model within BMW’s long-standing 7 series which is still produced to this day and has been for the past 40 years since 1977. Now as BMW’s flagship large-body sedan rebranded as a 750Li, the 750iL back then was a V12 engine with 5.4 liter cylinders being able to achieve an […]

27Jul 2017

The Lotus Esprit S1 is a British sports car manufactured by automaker Lotus. The S1 (or Series 1) was manufactured between 1976 and 1978 after making its debut at the Paris Auto Show in 1975. While it was originally praised for its superb handling, the S1 was said to have lacked power despite weighing in […]

27Jun 2017

The Jaguar XKR is a grand tourer produced by British multinational car manufacturer “Jaguar Land Rover”, the holding company bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marques. One of the “lower-profile” cars of the James Bond fleet, it was featured in Die Another Day (2002). Perhaps not as ostentatious or elegant as previous bond automobiles, or […]

07Jun 2017

Even my Lyft driver didn’t know about the Hollywood Cars Museum in Las Vegas, which is just a short drive from the strip. This little-known museum has a host of vehicles from TV and movies, as well as a room filled with cars and costumes once owned by Liberace. You’ll find cars from “The Hangover,” […]

07Jun 2017
James Bond Exhibit

The Aston Martin DB5 is a luxury grand tourer that was released in 1963 as the successor to the DB4. Made by Aston Martin in England but designed by Carrozerria Touring Superleggera, it is one of the most iconic Aston Martin Models (if not the most) due to being James Bond’s flagship car in the […]